Chicken Kurma / Kurma Ayam


Chicken Kurma is one of my favorite Indian dishes. It is non spicy at all but packed with all kind of spices. For today’s Chicken Kurma, I added Bird Eye Chilli to make it spicy because my husband loves spicy food. I just throw a few into the wok but did not break it so that I can have my non-spicy Chicken Kurma and hubby’s the spicy version.

It is actually very easy to cook Chicken Kurma. You just need to get the Chicken Kurma paste from the supermarket/mini market and follow the recipe given behind the packet. Today, I used Adabi’s Chicken and Meat Kurma paste.

I followed the recipe at the back of the packet bulat-bulat (almost) and I added in the Chilli Padi lar. ;)

The ingredients:
24g Kurma Paste (one whole packet - the smallest one) - supposed to mix with water but I did not. Overlooked that part. :P
600g Chicken - I used 1/2 chicken
90ml Coconut Milk
90ml Oil - I agak-agak only.
3 Cups Water - I did not even measure. I keep on adding till I get the desired amount of gravy. ;)
2 Onions - I used 1 onion to be cut into 4 and 4 shallots to be sliced. Shallot better coz it is sweeter than Onion.
4 Garlic - sliced.
An inch of Ginger - sliced.
4 small Potato - each cut into 4 cubes.

How To Cook Chicken Kurma
1. Saute the sliced shallot, garlic and ginger till aroma.
2. Add in the Chicken Kurma paste and stir till fragrant.
3. Add in the chicken, potato and water. Mixed them well the cover until the meat is tender.
4. Then add in the coconut milk. Cook until the potato becomes soft.
5. Salt to taste.

And there you have your Chicken Kurma. Best to eat with Nasi Beriani if you know how to cook it. I still not yet learn. :P

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  1. smallkucing Says:

    looks good but I dare not add cili padi

  2. ladyinpurple Says:

    Chicken Kurma I think is Chicken curry (^__^)

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