Nyonya Dishes

Below is the list of Nyonya dishes that I will post in this blog soon. I was not able to do this earlier because I was busy with housework and taking care of my babies all by myself. Now that my maid is back, I will have more time to blog. So, stay tune ya. :D

Chicken Dishes:
Ayam Pong Teh
Ayam Masak Buah Keluak
Ayam Tempra
Ayam Goreng Chili Garam

Fish Dishes:
Ikan Tempra
Ikan Goreng Chili Garam
Ikan Goreng Assam
Ikan Masak Kuah Lada
Ikan Chuan-Chuan
Assam Fish (Ikan Gerang Asam)

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