Sambal Sotong

Ingredient to prepare…

Blend a rice bowl of dried chili, 6 shallot, 3 Candlenut (buah keras) and 1 inch Belacan. Set aside
Pound 4 shallot. Set aside.

Fry the shallot till aroma then add in the blended Chili. Fry till the chili dried up (garing).

Then add in the Sotong.


Stir fry for a lil while then add in the Tamarind juice.


The juice, I can’t tell you how much. You have to taste it yourself. The Sambal must be a lil bit sourish. If not add more Tamarind juice.

Add some salt and Daun Limau Purut for taste and nicer aroma.

sambal sotong

Here you go…Sambal Sotong; taken with flash for nicer colour. :lol:

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