Nestum Cookies

I just made Nestum Cookies to add to the CNY cookie collection. These are very simple cookies. Even if you never bake before, I am sure you won’t go wrong besides controlling the baking time. Yup, I got a burnt batch! My first time too. hehe.

These are the recipe…

250g Low Protein Floor Flour (hehe…why do I need a low protein floor! ahahaha)
250g Pure Butter
120g Fine Sugar
2 Eggs
3 Cups of Nestum
2 teaspoon Vanilla Essense


Whisk the butter until fluffy. Then add sugar, eggs and Vanilla. Mix well. Next add the flour. Once the flour has been mixed well, add in the Nestum. Mix well again.

Here is how it looks like after the mixing.


Then roll them into a size of a tiny ball, depending how you big want your cookie and use the fork to press it down.


Bake them at 150′C for 8-10 mins also depending on the size and thickness of the cookie.

This is what you will get after 10 mins.


This is what you will get if you make it thin and small but didn’t reduce the baking time. :P


Anyway, I only get one small batch burnt. :)

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  3. chinnee Says:

    hehe…u use floor instead of flour ah?

    This recipe is good. See this

  4. Anonymous Says:

    :lol: thanks for informing me…changed d. :P

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